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Election Night Vote Counting

From the Riverside Registrar of Voters: Election Night vote counting is complete but results are not final. Approximately 200,000 Vote-by-Mail, 45,000 Provisional and 5,000 damaged ballots that require duplication still must be processed. Work on those begins Wednesday morning. Ballots that are postmarked on or before Election Day and received no later than Friday also …

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Congratulations to the Democratic Candidates!

Congratulations to all the candidates who ran this election. Whether you won, lost, or are still in a tight race where every ballot counted matters – you are applauded for placing yourself “in the arena” of our national, state and local politics.  We need informed and concerned citizens such as yourself to take that big …

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Message from the RCDP Chair

Eleven dead at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Bombs being sent to past and present elected officials. Hatred being spread by the President. When will we be able to worship without fear, use our right of freedom of speech without fear, begin to live our lives without the fear of losing our life? When will those …

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Important Information – County Party Safety

From the CDP:  Today’s shocking and potentially deadly acts of terror against President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton and others prompt us to remind all Democrats and Committees to be highly cautious and alert during these last days leading to the election on November 6. CDP encourages all county parties to take precautions and familiarize yourselves …

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