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Right-Wing School Boards’ Attack on the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and LGBTQIA+ Communities

WHEREAS, school boards such as the Temecula Valley Unified School
Board, the Chino Valley Unified School Board, and the Placentia Yorba
Linda Unified School Board have attempted to erase African American,
Native American, Asian American, Latino, Women’s, and LGBTQIA+
history under the guise of a K-12 Ban on Critical Race Theory, an
academic concept taught to law students, not to school children; and

WHEREAS, ‘Anti-Critical Race Theory’ (‘Anti-CRT’) and Don’t Say Gay’
activists around the country have banned books like “Ruby Bridges Goes to
School,” “The March on Washington,” “Kite Runner,” “Pride: The Story of
Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag” and even books about menstruation
like, “Go with the Flow”; and

WHEREAS, “Parent Revolt,” a project of the California Republican Party, is
focused on recruiting Republican candidates to run for school boards to
conduct similar bans in 10,000 California schools serving 9 million children
(mostly children of color);

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Riverside County Democratic
Party opposes Republican efforts to use school boards as a platform to
promote homophobic ‘Don’t Say Gay’ restrictions and alternative facts
about systemic racism; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Riverside County Democratic Party
supports diversity, equity, inclusion, culturally responsive teaching, and
anti-bias and anti-racism initiatives in schools to build a more equitable

Author(s): Dr. Jenn Carson, DSW, AD-61
Sponsored By: Riverside County Democratic Party