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Stop California Law Enforcement from Purchasing & Collecting Biometric & Personal Data Without a Warrant

WHEREAS federal law protects biometric and personal data from being directly
collected by traditional law enforcement means without a warrant, it does not stop law
enforcement from obtaining this data indirectly via payment to the owner of a health app
that tracks menstruation or ovulation, a location tracker for sex workers to check in with
peers, social media platforms or other data brokers; and

WHEREAS ample documentation exists that the loophole for law enforcement, to use a
credit card instead of a warrant, is being exploited to target marginalized communities,
our undocumented, unhoused, disabled and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of
Color) communities; and

WHEREAS law enforcement purchasing and collecting of biometric and personal data
in California without a warrant is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment of the
United States Constitution;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Riverside County Democratic Party opposes
the practice of purchasing and collecting biometric and personal data by law
enforcement in California without a warrant.

Author: Edison Gómez-Krauss, AD 36
Sponsored By: Riverside County Democratic Part

Passed October 9, 2023