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Riverside County Democratic Party Condemns Violence Against Women Through Cruel and Extremist Control Over Reproductive Rights

For Immediate Release

Riverside, CA – 02/07/2024 – The party of “family values” has put forth their candidate, who was found liable of defamation and sexual assault in the E. Jean Carroll case, sexual assault that can only be called rape. Research from JAMA Internal Medicine Journal states that, in 14 states where abortion bans have been placed since Roe was overturned, 520,000 rapes have taken place resulting in 64,565 pregnancies. These draconian abortion bans allowed fewer than 10 abortions (per state) to be performed during that time period, meaning most rape victims were unable to get abortions where they lived even though the laws were supposed to allow exceptions for rape. This supports the perpetuation and continuation of violent crimes upon women.

Extremist Congressional Republicans, like Ken Calvert, continue to advocate cutting access to reproductive services, even contraception, which helps prevent the need for abortion.

“Women have become objects that they ridicule, subjugate, and harm, and MAGA Republicans somehow still expect their votes,” states RCDP Chair Silver. “Let’s prove them wrong.”The Riverside County Democratic Party (RCDP) is one of 58 County Committees affiliated with the California Democratic Party (CADEM). They drive boots-on-the-ground efforts of registering voters, fundraising, electing candidates up and down the ballot, and fighting voter suppression. The RCDP is a volunteer-run organization that works to engage voters and fight for working-class values.