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Demand for all County Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Officers to Uphold their Oath of Office

WHEREAS the rule of law and the separation of powers are fundamental requirements of a functional democracy enshrined in the laws and constitutions of the state of California and the United States, and the California government code invests emergency public health orders with the force and effect of law, those county sheriffs and law enforcement officers who refuse absolutely to uphold and enforce the constitutionally-valid public health orders issued by Governor Newsom and the County Boards of Supervisors are violating their oath of office; and

WHEREAS the primary duty of county sheriffs and law enforcement officers is to preserve the peace under the California Constitution and statutes, those sheriffs and officers whose inflammatory partisan statements incite citizens to actively violate legal public health orders are violating their oath of office and obstructing the ability of state and county officials to mitigate the damages and threats of COVID-19; and

 WHEREAS the California constitution and statutes require the Riverside County Sheriff to execute his sworn duties and explicitly prohibit any conflict of interest or practice of law, Sheriff Chad Bianco has abused his authority by refusing to execute his duties, by appropriating the governing powers of other elected officials, by flaunting his subversion of state and county health orders on television and social media, and by using public resources to make deceitful official videos in which he counsels citizens to disregard the law and induces other sheriffs and officers to violate their oath;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Riverside County Democratic Party denounces the conduct described herein and demands that Sheriff Chad Bianco uphold the duties of his elected office and observe the restrictions on his jurisdiction and authority as prescribed by the California State Constitution and integrated government codes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Riverside County Democratic Party will send a copy of this resolution and demand to Sheriff Chad Bianco, to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, and to the California Democratic Party.

Authors: Lisa Sanchez, MA, PhD, AD 75,  Matthew Cappiello, MD, AD 75

Sponsors: Tami Sims  AD75, Ellen Kurpiewski  AD42, Alan Geraci AD75, Jonathan Chang  AD75, Gloria R. Conejo  AD75, Mahmoud Zahriya  AD9,  Gloriani Weiss AD75, Danielle Polson, AD75, 

George Khoury, AD75, Mustafa Nizam, AD76, Amna Zuberi, AD77, Jorge Lopez, AD67, 

Colin Whittington, AD67, Nancy Young, AD67, Sara Deen  AD66, Wedad Schlotte  AD78,


Passed by Riverside County Democratic Party 3/29/2021