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Supporting a Pandemic Recognition Bonus for Essential Workers

Whereas, Covid-19 has hit all persons hard in California, taking many lives, leaving many without jobs, many losing homes, facing uncertain times, and

Whereas, many workers who retained employment, were able to work from the safety of home with family members beside them, confident in the knowledge they were sheltered and safe from the Covid-19 virus, and

Whereas, at the same time essential workers risked Covid-19 infection daily while caring for patients in hospitals, protecting residents in nursing homes, feeding our families by staying at their jobs in supermarkets, and keeping our communities safe; many were not able to go home and be with their family members for extended periods of time for fear of infecting them, thereby suffering severe physical and mental hardships.

Therefore be it resolved, that the Riverside County Democratic Party supports the creation of a special fund by the State of California which would provide bonuses to the essential workers who have been on the front lines throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Riverside County Democratic Party Resolutions Committee


Passed Unanimously 10/11/21