2019 JFK Awards


To those who attended our Inaugural JFK Awards on Saturday, December 7th, we cannot tell you how grateful we are for supporting YOUR Riverside California Democratic Party. Together, we surely will all create a Big Blue wave across Riverside that will bring victory in 2020!

Congratulations to all of our honorees who continue to make our world better!

And for those of you who could not attend due to our oversold situation; or to those who purchased tickets but had to get refunds due to circumstances beyond our control, we also apologize for any inconvenience. This was  a new event. The amount of interested response was Unprecedented.  Please know we did our best, and will look for ways to Accommodate more Democrats who are interested in our programs and events in the future.

There is still much work to be done. We hope we can continue to count on your support in our efforts to win in 2020!

If you wish to donate a bit more to help our efforts, you can do so at:

Many of you have asked to learn more about Border Kindness after hearing Yolanda Brown’s moving awards acceptance  speech. Here is a link:  https://borderkindness.org/

Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making the JFK Awards event so special.

Tisa Rodriguez
Agi Kessler
Eileen Stern
Joy Silver



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Riverside, CA –. Voters won’t be fooled by Republican’s cynical tricks. Same name. Different record. One stands for progress for all. One stands for enrichment of the few.

For more information readSeeing double: Congressman Raul Ruiz has a challenger. His name is also Raul Ruiz(Desert Sun)

RCDP Members Appointed to Calfornia Democratic Party Standing Committees by Chair Hicks!

We excited to share that the following RCDP Members have been appointed to California Democratic Party Standing Committees!

Leadership Roles:

Agi Kessler, Lead Chair, Resolutions

Tisa Rodriguez, C-Chair, Platform

Jose Alcala, Co-Chair, Rules

Francisco Ramos, Co-Chair, Voter Services

Committee Members:

Yousuf Bhaghani – Affirmative Action

James Elia – Affirmative Action

Shakisha Mounsey – Voters Services

The complete list of appointments may be found here: https://www.cadem.org/our-party/standing-committees.  We thank Chair Hicks for appointing our members to take on this great work, and Steve Ruth for so excellently serving on the Chair Hicks’ AD Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity!

Tisa Rodriguez
Riverside County Democratic Party