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Immigration Rights Resolution

Whereas, the United States of America has a long-standing history of racial slavery, marginalization and violence against women of color, systemic division of families of color for financial gain with the intent of creating destruction and increasing the oppression of families of color; and as a result of this long-standing history of racism, the Trump Administration has created a policy which purposefully separates migrant children from their parents; and

Whereas, in accordance with basic civil and human rights, migrants should not have inhumane treatment inflicted upon them at the hands of ICE, resulting in the endangering migrant women, children, families through neglect, physical and sexual abuse and coercion without culturally responsive legal representation in their native languages; and

Whereas,  3,000 migrant children had been intentionally separated from their families at the borders and in migrant camps for months and because of these separations, children will face permanent, detrimental impact of  emotional, physical and psychological trauma and after many months children still remain separated from their families;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Riverside County Democratic Party stands up, speaks up and goes on record to state that all Democrats must exercise their right to vote to elect members to the  Senate and the House of Representatives  who will give Democrats the ability to stop Trump’s inhumane immigration  policies and  many other issues on which we deeply differ.


Submitted by:
RCDP Women’s Issues Committee

Passed 10/8/18