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Statement from RCDP Regarding Both the Pelosi and the Nichols Video Releases

For Immediate Release


Riverside, CA— 01/28/2023 — Yesterday, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, two horrific videos, that of the October 2022 attack on Paul Pelosi by a right-wing extremist, and the other the murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of the Memphis Police, were released to the public. This shows us again what happens when Othering takes place and people are violently hurt or murdered by those who invoke cruelty and call it justice. These latest traumatizing videos of yet another Black man brutalized by the hands of the police, or that of an innocent senior attacked by a hammer-wielding intruder because his wife is an elected leader, serve as a painful reminder of how far we have yet to progress in this country to stem systemic racism, misinformation, and hatred, the same trifecta of terror that leads to unthinkable atrocities like the Holocaust.  Read more…