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Mission Statement

The Riverside County Democratic Party supports the values and principles of the State and National Democratic Parties, including access to opportunity through full, respectful, and equal treatment regardless of race, gender, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national origin.

We work to advance these principles in all parts of Riverside County, California through the election of Democrats to public office, appointment to Boards and Commissions, and inclusion in the electoral process.  Our programs include education about the political community, public policy discussions, and aggressive advocacy for our candidates.  We believe in an accountable government that promotes business, supports the American worker, provides high quality education, facilitates the provision of healthcare to all, protects the environment, designs, implements, and enforces a fair tax structure, advances the causes of peace, prosperity, and democracy at home and throughout the world, and continues the traditions of freedom and equality as stipulated in the United States Constitution.

As America’s oldest major political party – the party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt, and Kennedy – we believe the responsibility of providing public knowledge and outstanding leadership starts with us, all of us.  We invite all interested citizens of Riverside County who support these principles to join our efforts.