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2017 Las Vegas Shooting

We are saddened, mortified, and angered by the event in Las Vegas last night.  We grieve for the dead and injured.  We are mortified that mass killings continue and are becoming increasingly more horrific.  And, we are angered that the NRA and the gun lobby have paralyzed our Congress into supporting these senseless killings by their inaction.

Can you imagine how much more deadly this event could have been if the shooter had silencers on his weapons?  Congress and the President want to make silencers legal.  What a horrible thought!

We cannot hope for change unless WE take concrete and forceful action.  Call your members of the California Assembly and Senate, our members of the California delegation to the House of Representatives, and our two California Senators.  Let them know that limiting gun and ammunition sales is now more important than ever.  Let them know that the purchase and ownership of automatic weapons by the public must be ended.

Respectfully yours,
Howard Katz