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RCDP Resolutions

In Support of District Voting in the City of Indio

Whereas, the City of Indio has historically held at-large elections where every voter votes for all candidates on the ballot, and Whereas, since the enactment of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 numerous at-large systems have been struck down and new elections codes have been enacted, and Whereas, district voting gives residents in the area …

Protect Our National Monuments and Public Lands

Whereas, President Theodore Roosevelt in his first term as President made environmental conservation a cornerstone of his Presidency and dedicated Devils Tower the first United States Monument in 1906 thereby setting our Country on a course of preservation of unique public lands keeping them for the public in perpetuity, and Whereas our national monuments and parks are treasures …

Resisting the Trump Agenda

Preserving Voter Rights in HOAs


Protect & Defend the Voters of CA Decisions to Allow for the Medical & Adult-use of Marijuana by Nullification through Non-cooperation