Comments from Tisa Rodriguez, Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party

Today we celebrate the culmination of months of hard work through extraordinarily challenging times.  Despite the many challenges we have all faced, we have worked together to help elect our next President and Vice President! We have elected leadership that knows how to stay steadfast and focused through all kinds of adversity, knowing that realizing the vision for better America for all has to be our constant priority.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are committed to being the President and Vice President for all of America, and we cannot wait to see them take office!

In this season of change, we have risen to the challenge to support a record number of Democrats, including our next President and Vice President.  We will remain hopeful as we watch the incoming results in Riverside County, with strong leads for several of our candidates, and close races for others. We will remain committed to counting every vote, and supporting every candidate.

For now we are able to take just a moment to catch our collective breath in celebration.  Tomorrow we consider how to continue our momentum, and build back better together!

Tisa Rodriguez
Tisa Rodriguez, Chair
Riverside County Democratic Party