Statement on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg on 9-18-20

I was 13 years when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court.  I remember being fascinated by this woman I watched in the confirmation hearings who appeared delicate at first, with a soft voice that spoke at a pace that was comfortable to her without compromise, but commanded the room with her intelligence and sense of moral conviction.  Her belief in equal rights was beautiful and unwavering, and considered the needs of every single one of us during her long career.  From her fight for woman’s right to choose, and stalwart defense of essential principle that love is love, to her insistent belief that every one of us is born with equal rights.  Known to so many of us lovingly as the Notorious RBG, she was quite simply a hero.

Now it is our time to carry on the legacy of giants and fight for our futures.    Tonight my heart is broken with all of yours, but tomorrow we redouble our efforts knowing that we have big shoes to fill.  I have no doubt that she would want us to continue to fight for our futures.  At the very moment I am writing statement this there are forces in this world who are determined to steal our rights, and replace a giant of the judiciary with corruption. We have to muster the courage of our convictions to do the work that is necessary from the ballot box to the halls of Congress until it achieved and not one of us is left behind.  This was the life’s work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and a legacy we will never forget.

In Solidarity,

Tisa Rodriguez
Tisa Rodriguez, Chair
Riverside County Democratic Party