RCDP Members Appointed to Calfornia Democratic Party Standing Committees by Chair Hicks!

We excited to share that the following RCDP Members have been appointed to California Democratic Party Standing Committees!

Leadership Roles:

Agi Kessler, Lead Chair, Resolutions

Tisa Rodriguez, C-Chair, Platform

Jose Alcala, Co-Chair, Rules

Francisco Ramos, Co-Chair, Voter Services

Committee Members:

Yousuf Bhaghani – Affirmative Action

James Elia – Affirmative Action

Shakisha Mounsey – Voters Services

The complete list of appointments may be found here: https://www.cadem.org/our-party/standing-committees.  We thank Chair Hicks for appointing our members to take on this great work, and Steve Ruth for so excellently serving on the Chair Hicks’ AD Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusivity!

Tisa Rodriguez
Riverside County Democratic Party