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July 2018 RCDP Newsletter


Greetings Democrats!


Welcome to the July 2018 RCDP newsletter. I hope you found last month’s issue to be of interest. If you did I am sure you will find July’s of interest as well and if you didn’t then maybe you will find July’s to pique your interest this time.

Take a look at the Table of Contents – there is bound to be more than one item that you just really want to learn about. Unlike the last issue where you had to scroll through each article in order to get to the next article, this issue has entered the 21st century as there is only a few sentences to tease you about each article until you can click on READ MORE – if you don’t want to READ MORE, you will then be at the next article’s few tease sentences and so on.


Even with the great prize offered, only one person came through with suggestions for the new name of the newsletter. Even though they were very inventive and well-thought out, I really want to reach out and expand the choice with your bold and innovative names. I guess the prize of a dinner for you and a guest with RCDP Party Chair Steve Ruth and myself at Brandon’s Diner before an Eboard meeting wasn’t enough so we are increasing the prize to include your choice of a fifth of a bottle of wine, a ¼ ounce of cannabis or a half-gallon of orange juice. Please note that if you are under 21, you are only eligible to receive the half-gallon of orange juice (unless you are a medical marijuana patient 18 years or older).

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Originally planned to be published on the first day of each month, the RCDP newletter’s publishing schedule is being changed so that it is published on the first Sunday of each month. This will give our readers a more leisurely read as they can relax on Sunday morning with the newest issue on their screen and a cup of coffee, a glass of OJ or something else in their hand.

Have a great 4th and an even greater rest of July.



The Longest and Most Deadly Holocaust

by Lanny Swerdlow

D.E. Stannard, author of American Holocaust, wrote “The destruction of the Indians of the Americas was, far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world.” Over a period of 500 years upwards of over 100 million natives perished. It is the longest holocaust in the history of mankind and the largest loss of human life.

Since most New World civilizations were in South and Central America, the number of Natives living in North America at the time of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in 1492 was just a small portion of the total number with estimates of natives in North America varying from 5 to 20 million.

By the end of the Indian Wars around 1890, the number of indigenous peoples in North America had plummeted to an estimated 238,000 people. 97.5% of their land had been taken.  Gone with the wind were hundreds of native tribes unique languages, learning, customs, and cultures. READ MORE!

Understanding and Motivating Students

By Ian  McPherson

In reviewing the past academic year, I can recall moments of great optimism when my peers and I felt we were on the cusp of great change. I can also distinctly remember devastating disappointments, which revealed the worst aspects of American life.

Generally, students at my typical American high school feel discouraged about the political climate in the U.S. for a few reasons. Overwhelming disapproval of the incumbent President coupled with a lack of knowledge on how to express that disapproval has led to a sense of helplessness amongst high school students. READ MORE.

The Chair’s Corner

By Steve Ruth

Chair, Riverside County Democratic Party


Congratulations to Manny Perez who won election to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors!  Even with extremely low voter turnout ALL of our Democratic Riverside County incumbent elected officials won their right to be on the November ballot!

And congratulations to those endorsed candidates who gave it their all – but didn’t make it “this time.”

The voter turnout was dismal, around 35%.  We must energize and engage our Democratic Voters.  At our recent Riverside County Democratic Party (RCDP) General Membership meeting I established a Special Action Group to discuss, analyze and plan how we can achieve a much higher voter turnout in November. READ MORE

Investing in Our Future

By Ryan T. Borunda

Democrats of Greater Riverside 

Walk onto UC – Riverside’s campus on any given day & you’re greeted by right-wing millennials registering voters and asking for signatures for one of many petitions. Keep going further onto campus and you proudly see UCR’s College Republicans advertising with a lavish, hand-embroidered banner and a table full of sunglasses, sports bottles, stickers, flyers, brochures, posters, and much more. And golly, Lord help you if you’re just trying to grab lunch, don’t be surprised if a representative of the Young American’s Foundation or Turning Points USA begins approaching. Trying to escape the madness with the internet and get a job? Sike! Go on UCR’s job portal and Republican candidate after Republican candidate is hiring for interns, often paying $15 an hour for dozens of applicants. Starting to see a pattern here? READ MORE

Rethinking the Election Process

By Henry B. Zimmer CPA

Politically, our country is extremely polarized.  Some people vote for the person they believe is the most qualified, while others may be drawn to a candidate’s charisma.  One might win an election by appealing to certain voter blocs. READ MORE


by Bob Warburton

Friday June 15th at 10 P.M. saw a crowd of about 90 people gathering alongside the beautiful fountain in front of the Cathedral City – City Hall, some carrying signs, others with distressed looks facing the professional press of the Coachella Valley, which included all four TV News outlets.

One of the people organizing the event, Lynne O’Neill, told me she was “originally expecting 5 people,” and was surprised at the large turnout.  I advised her the issue had grown in the last few days and was on everyone’s mind.  The Associated Press reported as of the date of this conference that about 2,000 children had been separated from their parents under this policy. READ MORE


By Dennis Sheehan – Photos by Les Wilderynski

Thursday evening, May 17,our Democrats resident group hosted a visit by Indio’s new City Manager, Mark Scott, on the job for only two months. About 100 interested residents attended to hear Scott talk about his wide-ranging background plus where he’d like to take our city in the next 10 to 15 years. READ MORE

From the files of Marie McDonald

Trump’s Lawyers Argue It’s Not Possible For The President To Obstruct Justice.  Lawyers for President Donald Trump have argued for months that because he is president, it is not possible for their client to have obstructed special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, according to a confidential letter sent to Mueller and obtained by The New York Times. The lawyers stated that Trump also cannot be compelled to testify in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, arguing that Mueller has everything he needs in the “voluminous testimony and documentation” already provided. READ MORE

Trump Evangelicals Have Sold Their Souls.  With their reactions to the Roy Moore candidacy and the  Stormy Daniels scandal, the Trump evangelicals have scaled the heights of hypocrisy to the summit. Family-values conservatives who dismiss credible accusations of sexual abuse and wink at hush money for a porn star have ceased to represent family values in any meaningful sense. They have made a national joke of moral standards that were once, presumably, deeply held. At least when a Democrat violated them. READ MORE

Canadian Parliament Votes Unanimously To Condemn Trump. O, Canada!  These are fighting words from our neighbor to the north. This is a real headline. Something this insane would have been unthinkable, or hilarious, until very recently.  Our staunchest and oldest ally has voted to condemn the clownish buffoon who occupies the Oval Office thanks to Vladimir Putin. READ MORE

 Exclusive Poll Results:

Kim Jong Un More Popular Than Pelosi Among Republicans

Self-identified Republicans now have a marginally more favorable view of Kim Jong Un than they do for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), according to a new Ipsos poll done exclusively for The Daily Beast. READ MORE

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