August 2018 Newsletter

       For all those climate change deniers, stick your head outside and “feel the burn.” For everyone else, the August issue of RCDP monthly newsletter is sizzling. Check out the Table of Contents and you will see this issue is meant to set you aflame. We have had some wonderful names submitted for the …

July 2018 RCDP Newsletter

                                                                       Greetings Democrats!   Welcome to the July 2018 RCDP newsletter. I hope you found last month’s issue to be of interest. If …

June 2018 RCDP Newsletter

THE FORGOTTEN BOMB, FEINSTEIN FLIPS & MORE IN EXICTEDLY NEW RCDP NEWSLETTER   WELCOME to the new Riverside County Democratic Party newsletter. I hope you will find it as enjoyable and exciting as I found putting this first issue together. I would like to thank Steve Ruth for giving me the opportunity to regale Democrats throughout …

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