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When We Meet:
Second Monday of the month
6:30 pm
Brandon’s Diner
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Location is accessible to people with disabilities.

Board Members

Howard Katz

Recording Secretary
Sheila K. Riley

Raj Singh

First Vice Chair/42nd AD Vice Chair
Mary Ann Andreas

Correspondence Secretary/
56th AD Vice Chair
Paul Marchand

60th AD Vice Chair
John Kopp

61st AD Vice Chair
Katherine Underwood

67th AD Vice Chair
Conrad Melton

71st AD Vice Chair
Kathy Katz

75th AD Vice Chair
Ira Robinson



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Welcome to Riverside County Democratic Party!

Vote for Alex Padilla for Secretary of State!
padilla_video_rcdp.jpgVote for Dr. Raul Ruiz for Congressional District 36!raul_ruiz_vidio.jpg
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Education and public safety.

No matter what year it is, education and public safety are almost always the top two issues that citizens want our elected officials to work hardest on, along with jobs.

It makes sense, as they're the basis for creating -- and maintaining -- a growing economy.

And, this year, we have the chance to pass Proposition 47, which will make a seemingly small change to our criminal justice system that will pay big dividends for both public safety and our schools.

Click here to join the CDP in endorsing Proposition 47.

Prop 47 is a simple reform that will change sentencing for low-level, nonviolent crimes such as simple drug possession and petty theft from felony to misdemeanor punishments. It then directs the financial savings from reduced prison costs to K-12 schools, mental health treatment, and victim services.

That's why Prop 47 isn't just endorsed by the California Democratic Party, but also by prosecutors, police chiefs, district attorneys, and the education and labor communities.

We all know that this shift in our focus will help to protect public safety and focus our precious law enforcement resources where they're needed most -- on stopping violent and serious crimes. And at the same time, it will improve safety and economic opportunities by reducing the barriers that people with felony convictions face when seeking employment and housing.

That's a win-win for Californians -- and a smart investment in our future economic growth.

We're backing Prop 47. Are you with us?

Click here to endorse Proposition 47, too.

Thank you for standing up for smart sentencing and improved public safety.

Peace and friendship,
John Burton

California Democratic Party
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The debate for California's 50th Congressional District between Representative Duncan D. Hunter and Democratic Candidate James H. Kimber was held on September 26th, 2014, at Cuyamaca College Performing Arts Center.  The sponsors for the event were Veterans Campaign and the National Association for Uniformed Services.   To view the debate, click here:

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Statement of California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton on Success of Endorsed Democratic Party Candidates in 2014 Primary Election

While votes are still being tallied, it’s important to note that in contests where the State Party’s delegates endorsed a candidate, those candidates performed exceedingly well. In fact, 96% of candidates endorsed by the California Democratic Party moved past the primary election and will be on the ballot in November – that’s an extraordinary success rate.

Our candidates' success speaks to the importance of the Democratic Party’s endorsement in the era of the “Top Two” Primary.

Below is a tally on the performance of endorsed candidates in the 2014 primary election:

Statewide candidates
Endorsed: 9 | Moving on: 9

Congressional candidates
Endorsed: 50 | Moving on: 49

State Senate candidates
Endorsed: 16 | Moving on: 15

State Assembly candidates
Endorsed: 63 | Moving on: 60

TOTAL Endorsed: 138
TOTAL Moving on: 133

# # #

For a complete list of endorsed California Democratic Party candidates moving on to the 2014 general election click here http://www.cadem.org/resources?id=0713.
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Barbara Boxer is guest speaker at Fundraiser in Palm Desert hosted by Democratic Women of the Desert.  Read Desert Sun Article.


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