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Message from the DNC

Office of the Secretary

Dear DNC Member,

We’ve had an eventful week here at the DNC, with the Iowa Caucus and debate in New Hampshire highlighting how much Democrats care about moving this country forward. The results in Iowa set the stage for a general election with a clear choice: a Democrat who will energize voters with a substantive message for growing the middle class and expanding opportunity so everyone has a fair shot, or a Republican doom-and-gloom candidate who promises to drag the country backward.

Thursday night’s Democratic debate was high-energy, and the candidates showed they both will work to serve the interests of the American people. The clearest message from the debate was that we must elect a democrat as the 45th president of the United States. Under Democratic leadership we’ve created 14 million jobs, and nearly 18 million Americans have healthcare coverage that they didn’t have previously.

This week, Republicans hit President Obama for promoting religious tolerance during his visit to a mosque in Baltimore. See what our Factivists have to say on the Republicans’ most recent jabs at the President. In another attempt to deride the progress Democrats have made, Ted Cruz tried to use the Flint water crisis to justify his opposition to anti-poverty programs. You can watch the video of Ted Cruz’s tactless remarks here.

Also this week, the DNC launched a new website, GOP Ipsum, which allows users to decide how much Republican rhetoric is needed with the words GOP leaders have said throughout this primary season. Be sure to check it out!

Finally, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced a plan on Wednesday to schedule and sanction three additional debates to the current schedule, which includes the February 11th PBS News Hour and March 9th Univision debates already planned. The first of these new debates will take place in Flint, Michigan on March 6th, with the remaining two taking place in April and May with times and locations to be determined. The DNC has been consistently working with our campaigns to ensure a schedule that is both robust and allows our candidates to engage with voters in a variety of ways, whether through debates, forums or town halls, while also leaving them the flexibility to engage in the voter contact that matters so much in the early states.

Have a safe and happy weekend.



Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Democratic National Committee

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